Consultation in registration of companies abroad. Selection of objects for investment.
Legal assessment of company documents. Preparation of contracts for the acquisition of companies, real estate, operating businesses.
Legal support of transactions for the acquisition of real estate objects, operating businesses

Who Are We

TR Consult LTD has its representatives in 12 countries of the world. This allows us to quickly find for you exactly what you are interested in: register new companies, offer ready-made companies in exactly the jurisdiction in which you can most effectively conduct your business, select real estate objects, an existing business in accordance with your wishes, instructions, instructions.

What We Do

At TR Consult LTD, we have a long track record of advising overseas clients on setting up and organising their businesses and commercial assets in the UK, across a wide range of sectors. A key part of our role is helping you hit the ground running when starting your business in the UK and to assist you in overcoming the legal and regulatory hurdles you may face. We will work closely with you and your advisers in other countries to help deliver your objectives.

Top Reasons Why Choose Us!

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Practical Area

Business law

We have a wide range of skills in the field of legal aspects of international business and law practice.

Insurance law

Received extensive practice in the legal environment of insurance, including insurance policies and claims.

Banking law

We have a set of legal norms regulating social relations arising in connection with the activities of the banking system.

Industrial law

We are guided by the rules that govern relations arising in connection with the creation, legal protection and use of inventions, utility models and industrial designs.